Nyoongar People and Landcare in WA’s Southwest

The Nyoongar people are the traditional owners of the South West region of Western Australia and have lived in harmony with the land for tens of thousands of years. They have a deep understanding of the local environment and ecosystems, and have developed sustainable land management practices over generations.

Using Nyoongar people for land care and environmental activities in Western Australia’s South West can be beneficial for a number reasons:

  • Knowledge of the land: Nyoongar people have an intimate knowledge and an innate understanding of the land, its ecosystems, and its biodiversity. They know which plants and animals are native to the area, and how they can be managed sustainably.
  • Traditional land management practices: Nyoongar people have developed traditional land management practices over generations that are sustainable and environmentally responsible. These practices include controlled burning, water management, and the use of natural resources in a sustainable way.
  • Cultural significance: The land is of great cultural significance to the Nyoongar people, and using them for land care and environmental activities ensures that the land is managed in a way that is respectful of their cultural heritage and traditions.
  • Employment and economic development: Engaging Nyoongar people in land care and environmental activities can provide employment and economic development opportunities for the local community.
  • Environmental benefits: The use of Nyoongar people for land care and environmental activities can lead to improved environmental outcomes, such as reduced land degradation and increased biodiversity.

In Western Australia’s Southwest, the Nyoongar people are the natural custodians of the land and the environment.  Where companies are looking for a business to provide land care and environmental activities, why not give hard-working Nyoongar business, Indigenous Workabout a call.  They can develop strategies to effectively and sustainably managing a property or area. They have a strong knowledge of native flora and fauna and will observe and respect the cultural heritage and traditions of the local community, while getting the job done.

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