Case Study 1 – Phoenix Rise

In 2006 the WA Department of Housing and the Satterley McCusker Group commenced the Phoenix Rise Urban Renewal Project. A run down part of Hamilton Hill, with a high percentage of public housing, was targeted for a refresh and renewal.

In the course of the project, a vast number of Government houses and units in the area were given a facelift – both on the inside and outside. Homes were gutted, repainted and refreshed with new floor coverings and window treatments installed. Gardens and streetscapes were upgraded with verges landscaped and modified to give the area a great new look and feel.

Local sporting and public facilities were also updated and enhanced. Residents were thrilled and the greater sense of pride being felt in the community was tangible.

Working closely with chief contractor, Satterley McCusker Group, Indigenous Workabout provided a great deal of support both as a building contractor (Registered Painting Contractor and Restricted Asbestos Removal Licence holder), and in terms of supplying the muscle and grunt to get properties ready for their makeovers. Dean Wynne and his team were recognised for their ability to tackle almost any job and their “can do” attitude.

Throughout the duration of the project a number of pre-apprenticeship course students from Challenger TAFE, Fremantle were able to gain experience and training and participate in the project. What was previously an ad hoc pre-app course for Aboriginal youth, with Dean Wynne closely involved, became a fully accredited building trades, pre-apprenticeship course named “Work About” in 2007. The employment rate for students who completed the course was a phenomenal 90% which was in large part attributed to Dean Wynne’s mentorship of these young aspiring tradies.

The expertise and sheer hard work of Indigenous Workabout was a critical element in the success of the Phoenix Rise project. This was recognised by the principal contractor (Satterley McCusker Group) and Local and State Government (City of Cockburn and WA Department of Housing) at the time and upon the completion of the project in 2010.

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